Epson 4800 Maintenance Required 0002 Error Code – Reset Key Sequence

Posted by | Posted in Epson, Hardware, Printer, Stylus Pro 4800 | Posted on 21-04-2010

This afternoon, one of our Epson Stylus Pro 4800 printers developed a maintenance required 0002 error code. The code refers that the Carriage Return Motor or CR Motor has reached the end of its life and should be replaced. At the time this Epson 4800 had printed 16,195 prints and had transferred the print head (carriage) back and forth 4,995,102 times.

To reset the CR Motor count, you have to enter “Service Mode 2″. To do this, follow the following steps.

1. Turn off your Epson 4800.
2. Hold down the Pause, down and menu buttons.
3. Restart the Epson 4800 while holding down the buttons mentioned above.
4. Continue to hold the buttons down until you see “Service Mode 2″.
5. Use the up and down arrows to navigate to clean counts.
6. Locate the CR Motor count.
7. You should see an “Exec” on the screen.
8. Use the right arrow to select “Exec”.
9. Press the menu right arrow one more time to execute the clear command.
10. power off and then power back on your printers. The error should be cleared.

Note: Your print quality may degrade with time. Epson recommends that you replace the CR motor when this error appears.

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